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Clients are requested to strictly follow trading rules mentioned below.

Trading Rules –

    • Have patience while trading in intraday. Wait for an opportunity and then enter the market. Once entered don’t get afraid. Strictly follow Stop Loss. 
    • Before entering in Buying or Selling, wait for the script to settle above or below the strike price for at least 10 minutes. Don’t enter before 10 minutes after strike price.
    • Once 10 minutes over, enter in the trade confidently and strictly put Stop Loss. 
    • Don’t enter in the same trade again once the target is achieved or Stop Loss is Hit.
    • Now wait for either 1st Target to reach or Stop Loss to Hit.
    • At 1st Target book partial profit and you can wait for next target to reach by maintaining previous targets as Stop Loss. 
    • If Stop Loss is Hit, Don’t worry we will wait for reverse trade to get activated. If reverse trade is not activated for the whole day, we will not enter the script.
    • Once the Stop Loss is Hit, please don’t enter in the script for the same direction. Wait for reverse trade to get activated.
    • Sometimes on opening of the market (at 10.00 AM) we see that targets are already achieved. If such condition occurs it is better not to enter the script or if you are entering, strictly maintain previous targets as Stop Loss. 
  • Initially trade with small quantities and then increase lots slowly once the confidence is built.
  • Better to enter in the market after 10.20 AM and not immediately at 10.00 AM.
  • Please read disclaimer before investing.
Disclaimer :- does not guarantee the profits, accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any information                          and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or losses or for the results obtained from the use of such                          information. Users are requested to verify suggestions given on the site before taking investment decisions.